How I boosted sales of my small business with Mantis Funding Cash Advance?

A cash advance is exactly what it is meant to be – an advance on your future sales. By pledging a percentage of your daily revenue, you can avail cash advance from a lender to meet an immediate requirement. Although a tad is more expensive than other funding deals, it is fast and convenient and is absolutely PERFECT if you have an urgent need for money. It also works great when you need a small amount of cash for the short term to boost your business growth.

I recently used Mantis Funding cash advance to boost the sales of my small business. But before I explain further, let me share a word of caution – how you use your borrowed money can make or break your business. Use it wisely and take your business to a new level – for example, get more leads, more opportunities, and more sales to increase your revenue. Don’t just take it because it’s available or without a clear plan of how you want to return it.

Like any other small business owner, I, too, didn’t have any allotted budget for marketing efforts. So, when I decided to spend some amount on marketing, I was cash crunched. Of course, I had my savings that I was tempted to use, but you know, with the global economic slowdown, I didn’t want to use up my reserve funds. After a lot of research and interaction with fellow business owners, I decided to go ahead with Mantis Funding cash advance, to give a boost to my sales.

How I used cash advance for my marketing efforts?
After thorough research and going through each of the alternative finance lenders in the market, I zeroed down on Mantis Funding because they offered tailor-made solutions for my business. The process is transparent with lots of flexibilities to help you customize. Since it is quick, I was able to start implementing my marketing strategies right from day one.

While traditional marketing has been around for decades now, I tried some innovative marketing strategies. Since I was not able to handle everything myself, I outsourced my marketing activities to a marketing agency who did the strategy and implemented the action plans for a fee. The Mantis Funding cash advance helped to pay the agency fee, plus it also helped to spend on some online advertising campaigns. I was impressed with the results as I got excellent leads and were able to convert them to sales. I am planning to repeat the same process after six months again.

If you, too, want to give a boost to your business without burning a hole in your pocket, then a cash advance is the best solution for you. However, do your research before signing up with any alternative finance lender. I would strongly recommend interacting with your shortlisted companies face to face before you make your final decision.

I didn’t realize that there was so much opportunity to customize until I spoke directly with the experts at Mantis Funding. However, do your due diligence before going ahead with any alternative finance lenders. Read pages like Mantis Funding to get a better understanding of what some of the bottlenecks can be.

There is no reason why you – or any other small business – shouldn’t leverage the benefits of digital marketing. Especially now that small, quick, and easy to access cash advances are available to fund the process! Choose your lender wisely and give it a go!

5 Strategies To Improve The Survival Rate Of Your Small Business

Only 50% of small businesses will still be around after 5 years! I am sure you are already well aware of small business survival rates. After all, it’s been doing the rounds for a while now. But I am not here to spread more doom and gloom; this article is about keeping you in business for the long run. Here I would like to present some strategies that will keep you profitable for years to come.

But before we get to the solutions let us first understand the challenges faced by small businesses –

The most common reason for businesses shutting shop is that their product or service doesn’t find a market. There is no demand for what they are selling! The second most common factor for failure is a lack of money. Almost a third of the companies go out of business because they just run out of cash.

After that come factors such as lack of a good team, disengaged customer service, poor marketing skills, competition, wrong pricing, and more.

So, what can you do to ensure that your business thrives?
Many unforeseeable events can impact your business negatively, but I find that by working intelligently and with a well-researched plan, you can greatly remove uncertainty from your business equation.

Continuous market research
Analyze your market in an on-going manner to understand where the industry trends are flowing. Conduct surveys, talk to customers and network with industry insiders to recognize the changes coming up in your industry. Find demand gaps that you can fill with your offerings.

Plan, plan, and plan
Use your market research to create detailed business plans. Working with a meticulous plan will give you a clear path to follow and will keep you focused. But it is important to remember that a plan is not written in stone; be ready to change and pivot if you see things are not working out or if new trends/market forces change the ground realities.

Hire the right people
62% of entrepreneurs choose not to have any employees at all – this is usually to keep costs low or to avoid incompetence or laziness creeping into the business. But the downside is that it limits business growth. You need to slowly and smartly start getting the right talent into your business – this largely depends on your needs and your ability to pay them. A good way to keep costs low is to tap into the gig economy and develop good working relationships with a group of freelancers.

Invest in marketing
Regardless of the size of your business, marketing is essential. You must keep aside a marketing budget and ensure that you continually invest in branding and advertising. For large expenses, I would suggest you approach alternative lenders like Mantis Funding for cash advances. I did this when I wanted to set up my website and do a burst of online advertising, and it was extremely helpful to have an outside source of capital.

Find a reliable source of capital
Close to 30% of small businesses fail because of financial problems! Running a business is expensive, and small business usually doesn’t have cash reserves to manage sudden changes. To stay in business, entrepreneurs must ensure a steady flow of capital at reasonable rates. I found Mantis Funding cash advances to be a highly effective and simple way to get hold of cash in short order. My recommendation would be to find a reliable alternative lender and develop a long term partnership with them.

Building a business and keeping it profitable is hard work, but it’s not as difficult as the statistics seem to claim! There is no reason for you to become a part of the negative statistics. With some intelligent business planning, operational agility, and a reliable source of capital, you can overcome most of the bottlenecks to success.

Let Your Sales Soar High With Alternative Financing

Though festive time is the best time for any business to flourish yet a street-smart businessman knows how to use his jack to derive profit from his trade even during a stagnant phase. Moreover, it is necessary for every business such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and more to keep themselves up-to-the-mark so that when the demand is high they are ready to deliver. Just like what I did with my business.

As a businessman, you instinctively know that the post the high energy Christmas and New Year period, markets often experience a slowdown. So, what I did was that I augment my retail store inventory with all those things that are seasonal and will be in high demand during this spring season. However, for me, the task was to get the required funds to make such a shift in the store.

Of course, you can buy inventories but buying them at once in a short period is a difficult task. You will not want to lash out all the cash, this might be tempting but not wise for the longer run. Nevertheless, taking help from the New York-based alt lenders Mantis Funding cash advance service made things smooth for me to manage the cash flow of my store by allowing me to buy the inventories.

So armed with Mantis Funding cash advance, I am going to present a plan on how one can use the money to get the best out of your venture and build its reputation.

Addition of stocks
This is the most important step in getting your sales up. However, buying them astutely is a thing which should be taken a lot seriously. Ask yourselfー what do you want for your store? What is the upcoming trend or season? How much diversity do you want your store to have? These questions play a large part in generating sales as this gives you clarity about how people will splurge on the stuff which they feel is good in your store.

Selling Online
It is crucial to widening your perspective about selling your stocks. Moreover, in this day and age of online shopping, you will want your business to reach people from other cities as well. Investing in an online delivery system will help in picking-up your sale.

Spending on the promotion of your brand
There should be no doubt as to why you should not promote your brand. This brand is your baby and its promotion is the thing you need to focus on with taking care of the rest. Go online, print and radio; devise new ways of spreading more awareness about your business. Instead of being just another shopkeeper, make your brand vibrate throughout the market so that you can showcase the growth of your venture and establish a reputation as a supplier of high quality and diverse brands.

There are so many things that you can do to promote your business, but funds are something that might be a roadblock in your way. Nevertheless, assorting options like that of Mantis Funding cash advance makes it possible in converting ideas into real practice. With super-fast, extremely straightforward, and hassle-free processing along with cooperative support staff, Mantis Funding complaints are hard to find.

My 5-step Guide to finding the best alternative financing deal for your business

A few years ago, my business (I own an auto repair shop) was struggling with persistent cash flow problems. The revenues (for different reasons) always stayed just a little bit behind my expenses. Every month I would try to cut down costs, but the business started suffering as the money always came out of the marketing budget or the maintenance I had planned. I just couldn’t get ahead of the situation – until a friend suggested that I apply for funding.

Now, the reason I hadn’t thought of this before was that I didn’t need a lot of cash to set me up – just about $10,000. And it seemed like an awful lot of trouble to run after banks and do all that paperwork for such a small amount. Thankfully, before I maxed out my credit cards, I heard of alternative financing.

Some simple research convinced me that an alt-lender could solve my problem. I just had to find the right financing company and choose the perfect funding deal. It sounds simple, but with so many alt-fin companies in the country, it is hard to decide which deal from which lender is the best.

I finally settled on a cash advance from Mantis Funding (a New york-based alt-lender), which worked out perfectly for me. So here I am going to share my experience of identifying the best alt-fin deal for my business –

STEP 1: Know Your Exact Requirements

Before you start looking for funds, you have to determine how much you need and what you plan to do with it.

Any credit comes with fees, so you have to have a plan to use it correctly. Will you pay off your current business debts, or will you use it to remodel or expand your store? How much do you need and how much can you return comfortably?

Once the purpose and the amount are clear, you can start looking around the credit market.

STEP 2: Research Online To Understand Different Funding Options

There is plenty of information online to help you understand different funding options. The most popular ones in the alternative lending industry are the business line of credits, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, and invoice factoring.

They are each structured differently, and you need to understand which ones match your needs. For example, I chose the Mantis Funding cash advance as my requirement was small and urgent.

STEP 3: Shortlist A Reputable Alt-Lender

Finding an alternative lending company can become a long and confusing process unless you do your research. Look for recommendations from trusted sources or similar companies in your industry and follow up on these recommendations with some in-depth analysis of their reputation.

Meeting the core team is also a good way to understand the details of their offer as APRs, processing fees, and repayment terms and timelines vary with each company. I met several alt-lenders, and finally, the lack of Mantis Funding complaints (along with their super helpful team) convinced me to sign up with them.

STEP 4: Understand Your Eligibility Requirements

While alternative lenders are a much easier nut to crack when it comes to proving your creditworthiness, they still have specific criteria for approvals. Their risk assessment model is much more evolved and holistic compared to the traditional banking sector that relies solely on credit scores, but its best to understand their paperwork and minimum requirements thoroughly.

I found that each type of funding offer had a slightly different requirement, and one’s creditworthiness, to a large extent, affects the rates and timelines one is offered. I needed a small amount, so I wasn’t required to submit much paperwork for my Mantis Funding cash advance. But for a line of credit or a substantial equipment funding, the company digs deeper.

STEP 5: Apply And Negotiate

Finally, just fill in the application and click send! For small amounts, the whole process is online, for slightly larger amounts, you will get a call from the lender’s team member, and this will give you a chance to negotiate better terms.

I find that most alternative online lenders keep some margin for personalization and will be willing to accommodate your particular requirements.

If you are looking for a business funding deal, then I would like to recommend the company I dealt with – Mantis Funding. Their customer-friendly offers an empathetic customer care executive leave me with no Mantis Funding complaints!

Do try them out!

Why Is Planning For Alternative Finance Essential?

The prospect of small business becoming a big vulture is nice; however, a small businessman needs to brace himself for every option. And, by every option, we mean, getting mentally ready about the fact the venture will need funding sooner or later.

Further, there is a constant need for small businessmen to up their ante to stay profitable. It’s like you own a retail store in a city. One day you hear that someone in the neighborhood sets up a brand supermarket. Your traffic is attracted to that supermarket, bringing business to a stage where you are bound to think of the investment you need to make.

So how will you make this investment? The first thing that comes to mind is that using reserves, but will that be a wise decision? Another way is you run around banks with your application. This is a sheer waste of time considering your competition. What else? Alt-financing is a business-saver! With help from alternative funders, you can add things in your store that your competitor does not have and maybe, start a new section that can be used to draw the interest of your customers.

In this time, you might get a chance to expand your store by introducing consultation space about your products where you hire a specialist to guide the customers through different products and help them find what suits their needs. However, all this requires funds, and getting them is the toughest part of this dream.

Though alt-financing is the solution to it, finding the alt-financer is where you need to hustle, research, and explore various financing deals before coming to any decision. Going through a bit of article will help you get some insight into services like that of Mantis Funding cash advance, which is a good way getting easy and quick funds so that you can work the changes ASAP.

Moreover, going through pages like Mantis Funding complaints will also work for you as you will get to know how trustworthy your alt-fin partner is to deal with. But all this will be effective when you have planned everything.

Hence, here are a few things that will why planning for alt-financing beforehand is a wise decision:

You’ll get money faster

Time is money, and you will not want to waste it. Thus, opting for fast services, like that of Mantis Funding cash advance, who promise to provide cash in two business days, is a wise choice.

Planning gives you time to negotiate: Because you have figured everything out beforehand, you have gifted yourself precious time to get a better deal by negotiating with your alt-financer and go through the things that were in the deals. Had it been in the time of crisis, you might have opted for the very first deal you had encountered.

Sorted paperwork for sure approval: Having time in your hand will give a chance to strike a conversation with the customer care executives of different alt-financing companies. This will give you a clear idea of the documents you need to apply. It will further help you while uploading your documents in the first phase of your application, assisting your clause in getting easy approval.

One should not wait for the last minute to find a funder. Having a good amount of time to find the right offer and, most importantly, the right partner with extensive research is crucial to get the best deal.

Is Alternative Lending The Right Way To Overcome Cash Flow Problems For Small Businesses? Let’s Find 0ut.

Surveys have shown that only about 50% of the companies make it to their 5th anniversary! And the most common reason is a lack of market demand (42%) followed closely by reason number 2 – lack of sufficient capital, which accounts for 29% of business failures. Now lack of demand is an inherent problem that is difficult to be fixed, but one would think that getting hold of money shouldn’t be a problem in today’s evolved financial market. Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

When it comes to getting funding from banks or credit unions, the odds are stacked very much against small businesses. The banking business model is geared toward funding larger enterprises that are considered more profitable and less risky. This means that small business owners have very little chance of getting approved for a financing deal – and if they have poor credit ratings or cannot put up collateral, then this little chance becomes a big fat zero!

So what do small companies struggling with cash flow problems do? Where do they find funding for operations or expansion?

The last decade has produced one excellent option for SME owners – the alternative financing industry. The alt-fin sector grew in the aftermath of the 2008 meltdown when small businesses suddenly found themselves frozen out of the credit market. They filled the sudden funding gap faced by SMEs and, over the next 10 years, expanded along with their clients. Today the total transaction value in the alternative lending segment amounts to US$33,513.5m.

Why is alternative lending perfect for businesses dealing with cash flow issues?

One of the biggest financial problems small businesses face is a sudden dip in cash flow. Most small companies don’t have vast cash reserves, and a change in revenue (from illness, global market changes, or consumer behavior) can lead to a severe liquidity crunch that can leave them crippled for a long while. Here the need of the hour is to keep running the business till things normalize and money starts flowing again.

In this situation, alternative lenders (like the New York located Mantis Funding) can make the difference between staying in business or going under! A bank would never lend under challenging situations, but an alt-lender would do so with ease and speed.

Easy, No-fuss Funding
After the waiting, the paperwork, and the morale-busting questions on FICO scores at the bank, an alt-lender comes as a breath of fresh air to most small business owners.

Alt-lenders like Mantis Funding reviews funding applications with minimal paperwork. They don’t base their entire approval process on FICO scores; rather build a more complete picture of their client’s financial health through other forms of digital transactional data.

Fast Funding
Alternative online lenders are also able to provide funding much faster as compared to other sources. Small businesses in need of quick capital will find a sympathetic partner with lenders like Mantis Funding who review applications and transfer money in less than 2 business days.

For small companies in a tight spot, an alt-lender provides a quick and straightforward way to alleviate their problems. And after the business is back in the green, they can also be tapped for larger amounts to fund growth. The fair, fast, and flexible funding services of alt-lenders can become great support through all the stages of a company’s growth!

Is alternative lending right for your business? Find out

Traditional lending channels like banks and financial institutions have always been very tight with their purse strings. They open it far too less and infrequently. While dozens of small businesses apply for funds to refuel themselves and prosper, only very few get through. And the reasons can be vague.

It has been estimated that around 80% of applications get rejected by banks. If you’re in a business that is time-sensitive and needs immediate cash flow, then can you really sit around waiting for your application to be rejected by banks?

A smarter and better way is to opt for alternative funding channels like those provided by companies such as Mantis Funding. But will it be the right decision for your business? Let’s find out.

Time Sensitive needs

In the business world, time is money. A brilliant growth opportunity doesn’t present itself twice. To capture the new market, you need funds in time. If you need money urgently, opt for alternative channels like Mantis Funding. Loans are disbursed in as fast as two business days. You certainly won’t be caught in the waiting section for days or months.

You don’t want to get stuck in the vicious circle of toxic debt.

When a startup or SME is trying to grow, the last thing they can worry about is their credit score. And this very credit score is the primary basis for credit approval by the traditional banks. The non-conformance to this opens the dangerous path for businesses to get stuck in toxic debt cycles by opting for funds, they won’t be able to pay back. To escape this vicious cycle, alternative lenders are the best choice. For instance, Mantis Funding reviews loan applications without needing your credit score.

You don’t want to get caught in endless documentation.

Funding application approval at traditional banks is a long, arduous process. There is almost always endless documentation and a long wait. If you don’t have the time and energy to invest in the extensive paperwork, opt for alternative lenders. For example, Mantis Funding reviews loan applications quickly, and the documentation is just a matter of a couple of hours.

You don’t want to put up collaterals

Traditional banks almost never offer unsecured funding to startups and SMEs. If you do not want to put up high collateral, an alternative lender is a perfect option. Alternative lenders do not need guarantees, as their risk assessment and underwriting processes are advanced and dependent on a variety of other parameters.

The alternative lending industry has come far from being considered as the last option. In fact, for several businesses with fast cash flow needs, it is the best and the most reliable option.