Getting Funding for a New Supplier Is Not Always Easy

Every business, large or small, that sells a product must have a supplier for that product. When your business contracts with the supplier, you agree on certain business terms to which both you and the supplier must adhere. It could be that you agree to regular deliveries of a specific amount of product or perhaps a more flexible on-demand arrangement where you order the product as you need it. Regardless of the specific arrangement, your business absolutely needs its supplier. One of the worst things that can happen, particularly for a new small business, is for their supplier to fail to deliver – or worse, close its doors.

If your supplier sold you a common product sold by many other vendors, your problem is simply finding the one that can give you the best terms for the same commodity. If you have a specialty shop, finding a new or alternate supplier may be much more challenging.

Regardless of what you need from whom, it is very likely a new vendor’s terms will be different than what you are used to – and moreover, the same products you need may be more expensive, and you will need them fast, so as not to lose out on future sales opportunities.

However, you may not have readily available liquidity or credit to be able to replenish your inventory quickly. You may even need to order more inventory than your instant needs to guard against the new supplier is only as reliable as the previous one, which is an even bigger business expense.

Where do you turn to get these funds?

Can You Go to the Bank?

Traditional banks loan money. That is a core part of their business model. But banks do not loan money to just anyone, and they have strict requirements for loan approval that your business may not meet. They may question why you had not set aside funds for this type of situation. They also may not wish to loan what to them may be a relatively small amount of money, although your business’s need for it may be relatively great. In other words, you may not meet one or more of their requirements and your business’s request for a loan may simply be turned down.

Your problem as a business owner is that you do not have the time to apply, have your application reviewed over several days (or weeks), only to be turned down, and find yourself back to “square one.”

This is where business capital funding companies like Mantis Funding come in. They deal only with micro or small businesses and understand the particular challenges that these businesses face. [When you contact them for a Mantis Funding cash advance, they get to work immediately.][DISCUSS IF MANTIS IS CONTACTED DIRECTLY OR ALWAYS THROUGH CHC]

What Do They Do a Bank Does Not?

Mantis Funding reviews your business, [not your credit score.][IS THIS TRUE? DO WE NOT LOOK AT CREDIT REPORTS FOR THE OWNERS ETC.?] Mantis Funding looks at your revenue stream, your product, and your customer base. It does not simply pass out cash willy-nilly, but first ensures that it believes your business model is viable, that you are operating within tolerance levels, and that you handle the revenue from it responsibly.

Once Mantis Funding decides that you are a good risk, it and its affiliates [DO WE MENTION CHC? OR IS THIS INTENTIONALLY SUPPOSED TO BIFURCATE THE TWO?] will work with you to determine payment terms that you all agree you can meet. Mantis Funding can also work with you to offer a flexible cash advance program that can be administered in a variety of ways. Once you agree to the terms of Mantis Funding’s offer to purchase of your future receipts and sign the definitive contracts, within hours the funds your business needs can be in your business’s bank account. The rest is up to you.

Just take the time to research any capital funding company you consider so you know you will get the type of money you need with a company you like. For example, by looking up Mantis Funding complaintsyou can see how they have worked with people in the past when a problem arose.

Author: mantisfundingllc

Mantis Funding has been at the forefront of the alternative lending industry since its inception in 2013. Right from Day One, our only goal has been to help cover the credit gap encountered by the small business community of America. Over the last 7 years, we have helped thousands of business owners achieve profitability and growth. We can do the same for you!

10 thoughts on “Getting Funding for a New Supplier Is Not Always Easy”

  1. What exactly we are looking from funding co?

    Answer: Applied yesterday, approved today, funds tomorrow!
    As i don’t have time to waste and they were straight to the point about everything, my kind of business!!
    So far, so good


  2. For a new supplier is it really hard to arrange funds, but companies like Mantis Funding LLC, are real-life and business saviors. Not only was the service fast and efficient, but I was also able to receive my funds within the 10 days of my application, Mantis Funding LLC is definitely the way to go. I look forward to doing more business with this company!


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