Everything You Need To Know About Capital Funding Companies

Business models have changed over the years. And so have the business financing sectors. Businesses, especially small and micro ventures are no longer dependent on banks for cash advances. Capital funding companies like Mantis Funding LLC are the new players in the sector and are seeing a huge following owing to their customer based terms.

What are Capital Funding Companies?
Capital funding companies are nonbanking institutions that usually work with small and micro business ventures to lend small merchant cash advances. These companies usually assess the monthly revenue stream of a business along with its overall model to decide on granting a quick cash advance.

As with any other financial institution, repayment of the cash advances is important for capital funding companies. They, however, use a different model here. Repayments are worked out as a fraction of the monthly revenues generated by the business.

While capital funding companies like Mantis Funding LLC work with merchants belong to a wide range of sectors, they only deal with businesses that work with credit and debit cards. This is a necessary factor to ensure that the repayment models adopted by capital funding companies work in an efficient manner.

How are they different from banks?
Banks have been the traditional choice for cash advances for business ventures across the globe. That said, banking institutions pose various serious limitations when it comes to small and micro-businesses. Banks usually adopt the traditional approach of reviewing the borrower’s credit score and bank balance while deciding to lend cash.

This often leads to application rejections for small business owners who face sudden cash flow requirements. Additionally, the time between the cash advance application and the sanction is painstaking for merchants in need of instant cash.

This is where capital funding institutions like Mantis Funding LLC are advantageous to small business owners. With their models specifically designed for small business owners, instant cash advance approvals and easy/flexible repayment options, they are a hit in the sector.

Customers have the choice to repay the cash advance based on their sales with no fixed date for cash advance repayment. This is especially convenient for seasonal businesses that face ups and downs at a particular time of the year. Cash advance repayments with capital funding companies can be done as and when the sales happen, which makes it a very comfortable scenario for borrowers. Further, borrowers are at ease to report any instances of Mantis Funding complaints and get assured of getting those sorted out at the earliest.

How does it work?
So how do capital funding companies work? Most capital funding companies star by reviewing the overall business model. This includes checking on the product, the demand in the market, and the overall history of the revenue stream that comes through the business. Once they have positive feedback on the aforementioned aspects, advance cash requirements are quickly sanctioned and an instant deposit in the borrower’s account is made.

Needless to say, a repayment plan is discussed with the borrowers. These are mostly based on “split withholding” technique wherein a small fraction of the monthly revenue is directly transferred to the lender company as a part of the repayment.

Additionally, customer service is a priority area with top capital funding companies like Mantis Funding LLC.

At Mantis Funding complaints, are taken up seriously by a dedicated team that works with the customers to get to the root cause of the problem and help the clients to find a feasible solution to the same.

Author: mantisfundingllc

Mantis Funding has been at the forefront of the alternative lending industry since its inception in 2013. Right from Day One, our only goal has been to help cover the credit gap encountered by the small business community of America. Over the last 7 years, we have helped thousands of business owners achieve profitability and growth. We can do the same for you!

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