Gear Up For Holiday Season Business with a Merchant Cash Advance Financing Solution

For most businesses in America, the holiday season is the time to push sales and revenues. To make the most of the days leading up to Christmas and the New Year, small businesses need to have enough cash flow and working capital to cover various expenses.

When banks are reluctant to sanction funds to small businesses, working capital funding companies like Mantis Funding step in to offer quick and convenient cash advances. Here are some ways you can use a cash advance to bolster business this holiday season.

Ensure Adequate Inventory

A business that is dependent on the holiday season for a significant number of sales needs to have enough inventory to meet consumer demand. Not having enough inventory for the crucial holiday season is just poor business planning. Customers may not be willing to wait for new inventory to arrive and will instead go to other vendors.

It simply leads to lost sales and deficient customer service. If the holiday season is a period to thrive for your business, consider a merchant cash advance to purchase additional inventory before the holiday season begins.

Provide Superior Customer Service

The holiday season is the best time to showcase outstanding customer service so that customers are encouraged to shop again. Smart business owners hire additional employees to handle the rush of customers. They also extend business operating hours to maximize customer service. To do this, business owners need to have additional funds to cover payroll obligations.

Conventional moneylenders such as banks may not be willing to fund for this purpose. For a working capital funding company like Mantis Funding, no advance amount is too small or too big. Moreover, they are not bothered by how you spend the cash advance as long as you have the means to repay from future receivables.

Launch an Advertising Campaign

Advertising is a great way to let consumers know what your business has on offer and how it stands apart from the competition. However, advertising does not come cheap. Whether it is a print ad, radio airtime or an online advertising campaign, you will have to spend money. Small business owners can use a merchant cash advance to meet this short-term funding need.

Mantis Funding reviews working capital funding applications quickly and provides eligible business owners with appropriate funding options. If a business owner agrees to the financing terms, the cash advance is swiftly credited into the business owner’s business bank account.

Quick and Simple Financing Solution

If a business owner has a poor personal credit score, banks may simply reject the application. Banks and other conventional money lenders usually take a long time for approval, so what do you do when you need funding immediately?

The experienced and professional staff at Mantis Funding reviews applications expeditiously and only ask for basic business documentation and business information to evaluate eligibility. Eligible customers can expect to receive funding within a few days and once they get it, they are free to implement their holiday season business plan.

Don’t make excuses this coming holiday season, make profits! Use the cash advance solution for working capital funding!

Author: mantisfundingllc

Mantis Funding has been at the forefront of the alternative lending industry since its inception in 2013. Right from Day One, our only goal has been to help cover the credit gap encountered by the small business community of America. Over the last 7 years, we have helped thousands of business owners achieve profitability and growth. We can do the same for you!

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